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I'm Elise, Anyone that knows me would probably describe me as an energetic, overcommitting, type A, overachiever, that loves to do musical theater and dance. Well, that was before.. Now I proudly hold the title of Wife to my creatively genius husband Jon and recently promoted to Mommy of the two most adorable boys Dylan 14 months and Elijah 3 months. We live in the coveted orange county California area and love being outdoors with our babies and our two dogs. I work in a full time career in a very large corporation with a passion to continue into more executive leadership. When I'm not working or being with my family, My girl time with my best friends is where you will find me.

No, but really, why am I blogging? Because I feel like there are not enough moms out there who really show you how it is. I want to share my journey in corporate America, juggling my marriage, and babies in the most raw real way possible. I've gone through some great seasons and some very difficult ones as I was battling depression and anxiety. My experiences made me passionate about helping others find joy, bravery and strength in their own trials. I am a lover of casual-chic style, useful baby products and travel. Other moms and women need to know that they are not alone. So lets do this journey called life together! Stay awhile. Its going to be fun.

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