This thing called Motherhood

What is modern motherhood?...

Sometimes I often sit in my bed at 3am in my middle of the night nursing my newest son thinking to myself, man where did my late night girl time go? Or when on earth did I ever have the energy to be out dancing all night with my friends and come back home and hang out until the sun came up? Now I feel like I won a jackpot lottery ticket when my kids are in bed by 8pm and I get to indulge in some real housewives of OC, and eat my ice cream for 30 minutes with no interruptions. Now although my late nights are not the same, let me tell you what MY modern motherhood has turned into and why I wouldn't want it any other way.
I recently have been through the journey of two back to back pregnancies that overall were quite healthy and normal. The one difficult part for me was that I am very career driven and I had to tell my employer twice in one year that I was going to be gone for about 8 months. Now any working woman may already feel like they are being treated differently, or that they may not have the same opportunities as someone else, and let me tell you all those thoughts went through my mind too. But fortunately for me, I work for an incredible company Hormel Foods and they were more than supportive of my unplanned little blessings. For me, working for a great company definitely made a world of difference. So now I just had to deal with swollen feet, peeing every 15 minutes, and all those lovely corporate responsibilities that I had all day. Easy right? No. Very difficult. I often times would feel sick smelling meats and being in kitchens with the chefs I worked with and found that I would need a nap after being at work for 30 minutes. Who can relate? This is what I was discovering would be what modern motherhood would be for me. I would need to learn how to juggle growing a human while finishing forecasted numbers and business reviews. Working overtime and long hours would be my new normal as business was still booming although I was going through this life changing transition.  Oh yeah, and I have a husband who needs attention. We will get into that one later. I was quickly learning that the painted photos in my mind about pregnancy were not the same. Stepping into motherhood was going to be hard work, a lot of stress, and probably the most difficult journey I will ever go through. These were a 10 tips that got me through the 9 months of stretch marks and weird food cravings.
  1. Make sure to eat!
    • Eating is a must while you are working all day. If you don't eat, you get sick. So I would stash some goodies at my desk and in my car at all times to make sure I was getting some good food.
  2. Drink a lot of water!
    • I know. you will pee. A LOT.
  3. Walk and exercise as much as you are able to!
    • Even if its once a day, you will thank me when you are in labor.
  4. Sleep!
    • If you are anything like me you wont have time for sleep. But Girl.. make it happen.
  5. Get a pedicure as much as you can!
    • Pedicures will nearly be a distant memory soon so take advantage of treating yourself whenever you can. Plus, those swollen feet will feel in heaven with those foot rubs.
  6. Any creative project you think from Pinterest you need to do, Do it before 30 weeks!
    • All of the sudden you will have this urge to nest. Do it in your 2nd trimester, before you can barely waddle around the house!
  7. Baby moon with your husband!
    • After the baby arrives, a few moments of alone time with your spouse will emerge and you will just look at each other and go take a nap. So, jump on that exciting trip for the two of you while you can.
  8. Find that perfect Diaper Bag!
    • My favorite bags are the Ju-ju be diaper bags.. Machine washable! Can I get an AMEN?
  9. Get a prenatal Massage
    • Trust me, you will thank me later.
  10. Enjoy your body changing.
    • Enjoy each kick, each stretch mark, each restless night, or nausea filled moment. Although its horrible now.. you will miss these milestones, so enjoy.
So enjoy these treasured moments, work hard, love your spouse, and get all that quality girl time in! These moments go so fast. Remember that!


  1. Contrats on your first blog post Elise! And it was even interesting for me to read although I'm not a mom yet or expecting any time soon haha ;) best luck on this!

    - Lissette :)

  2. You are so right! I blinked and I have an eighteen year old, fifteen year old and fourteen year old!

    1. I know.. I need to soak up every minute. its already going way to fast!!!

  3. Oops. Missed out on that getting projects done early tip. 32 weeks, and I will have a wall and bed to paint.

  4. Oops. Missed out on that getting projects done early tip. 32 weeks, and I will have a wall and bed to paint.

    1. hhahahah its ok Lisa! I did too! it happens! Thanks for reading I appreciate it!