It's OK mama.

Work, Husband, babies,chores.  Repeat.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can I get an amen? Lately I have been feeling this way daily. Going back to work for any new mom is really hard. Who would have thought that I would wish to go back to those mornings where all I had to worry about was getting the kids their naps and wathcing mickey mouse clubhouse with my oldest. 

My days now look like 1.5 hours of sleep, barely making it out the door in time for a customer meeting, and being extremely lucky to remember puting on that mascera. Im not going to lie, often time that mascera is applied during each red light so that I dont smear it all over my face. Can anyone relate to this? It's even better when I get to the office and my co workers notice some lovely breast milk spit up on my new shirt. I have learned I need to keep a change of clothes in the car at all times. I never know when Im going to need to switch out a shirt. The best is when Im driving to see a client and I have to pump and drive! Yes, I said it. I pump and drive. These are real working mom problems. Before I know it, the day has flown by, customers have been seen and taken care of, reports, presentations are all done, and my food is prepped for the next day. One of my favorite things to try to do throughout the work day is to stop while im out on the road to recharge and refuel myself for at least 10-15 minutes to gather my thoughts. This is KEY for any mom. Even if its not stopping at a quick coffee shop, go into a break room, take a small 10 minute walk outside or heck, close your office door for a few minutes just to regain some sanity! ONE  side note, I will say its imporant to always have a cute bag you can take with you everywhere. I love my Black Magic Ju-Ju Be bag because its cute and literally fits in any situation. You can take this out while you work, or it can double as a cute diaper bag carrier when you are out with your kids. What women doesnt want a bag that can double as fashionable and functional?! 

Anyways, back to my rant on no sleep and having it all done...........

Can anyone else realate to getting home, and feeling like you can literally fall asleep standing up? Lately that has been my reality. Luckily I have an incredible mom that helps me out so much while im gone all day. Can I get an amen for incredible grandma's that will do anything to help their grandbabies? Well I know that Im so lucky! Regardless, I come home. Baby needs breast feeding, older baby needs cuddles. But wait! Hubby is on his way home, I have to make dinner?! Did I forget the crockpot recipe!? I did! Rumage through the fridge and come up with something healthy because Im trying to loose this baby weight. These are real problems. You are not alone. Somthing that I learned is critical is ask your partner for some help. My husband is amazing at this. I have learned that i need to give him some time to debrief and have his unwind time to be a better partner for me and an amazing dad. But after this communicate that you need some help, and know that its ok to not do it all sometimes! Wait, did i just agree with myself that its ok for me not to do it all? I have the hardest time with that. I am a type A personality with OCD and have to have everything in line and perfect all the time.

Motherhood has quickly turned this around. I have learned that its ok to not get everything done in one day. It's ok to ask your partner for help, Its OK to go out to eat because you just havent had time to do the groceries. Its ok mama. You are fabulous, hard working, and you already do it all. Dont be so hard on yourself. Dishes will get done, in time. Oh and that laundry that is piling up? Thats ok. Its more important to spend some time with your babies. You have been gone all day. Before we all know it, our babies will be grown and out of the house. That laundry can wait. Minutes and hours and moments are passing us by. Your spouse needs you to stop and say hello, give them a kiss, hug them a little extra long today. When we are old and gray, these are the moments that we will remember. Not getting the laundry, cleaning and yes we wont remember how we felt on lack of sleep.

 What we will remember are these incredible moments of time we get with our families after a long days work. We are working moms, we work non stop, 24/7 and 7 days a week. Its ok to rest and let the mess pile up for a minute. We are strong, multi-taskers and we do amazing things. Sleep and rest will come. These moments wont last forever. So take a break, snap these photos and enjoy all that God has given you. This family. This family, that is so special and growing before your eyes. Enjoy this momma. You deserve to preserve these moments. You are doing great. Work will be there tomorrow, Laundry will be there tomorrow. So for now, take a few minutes to take a break, and always remember, you are a super mom. You are the BEST for your family, and you are doing a great job. 

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